We are building a new way to record software so that it can be replayed later. Recording with Replay is similar to recording a video, but with the ability to inspect React components, view API calls, and add a print statements after the fact. It is all possible because we record low-level browser events and replay the browser session after the fact.

We raised a pre-seed round last summer with the goal of assembling the dream-team and proving the tech. We recently closed a seed round last week with the goal of bringing Replay to market and introducing Replay to the world.

If we are successful, by this time next year, Replay will be used by thousands of teams and hundreds of thousands of users to record bug reports and ask questions. Replay will be the go to tool for asking JS questions on Twitter, Discord, Stack Overflow, and GitHub.

The Opportunity

As founding product manager, you will play a leadership role on day one helping us go to market, support our users, grow the team, and cultivate our processes.

You Will

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