How to grow a SaaS startup with limited time, budget, and resources.

If you’re a founder or first marketing hire at a SaaS startup and you’re struggling to kickstart or accelerate growth, this book will help you create a marketing plan and establish scalable customer acquisition channels.

<aside> 📌 Thank you for taking a look at an early version of the table of contents for my work-in-progress manuscript. The goal 🎯 is to create THE book for early-stage SaaS marketing.

My ask to you is to read through the proposed outline and specifically point out:

Don’t worry, you won’t hurt my feelings if you highlight the whole thing red 🤣 This is a very rough version that I’m almost embarrassed to share. So nothing will be surprising — feedback is the most important tool at this stage!

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<aside> ❌ What it won’t cover:

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Table of Contents:

All marketing is derivative of the product

Let customers tell you how they want to be marketed to

Optimize for clarity over cleverness on your landing page (alt: substance over style)

Map pricing to value (not cost or competitors)

Use launches, announcements, and special offers to create (and keep) momentum

You only need 1-3 channels to generate millions in ARR

Stay nimble with a minimum viable marketing tech stack

Scale efficiently (growth at all costs is dangerous)