Come build the IDE for operations teams with us!

Our mission at Macro is to increase the world’s operational efficiency.

Operations teams are the driving force behind the world’s most interesting companies. And yet, these teams are so underserved by existing tools that they’re dependent on building custom software or stitching together hard-to-maintain spreadsheets.

We believe there’s another way. Our fundamental idea is that operational design is secretly a form of programming. Pulling on that analogy, Macro is our vision of what an IDE for operations teams might look like.

Who we are:

We have a tight-knit and collaborative company culture. We work hard but also enjoy food and traveling (above are our fav food + fav city) and often trade stories of our past and future travels as well as new dishes we are cooking up.

We are passionate about making our customers' lives better and building products to serve their needs.

We are backed by world class investors and advisors behind companies like Slack, Figma, Blend, and Notion.

We're looking for someone who can take the lead on our frontend stack

Our primary technical challenges include: