Jam is looking for a founding engineer to join a team of three ex-Cloudflare teammates building the product we wished we could have used while building parts of Cloudflare.

We're builders building for builders, our goal is simple: to help teams ship products faster by bringing the out-of-the-flow communication happening in tools like Jira and Slack into-the-flow.


🍓 About Jam

🎶 We be jammin

Jam brings Google Docs style collaboration to your live product. Just like in Google Docs, with Jam you can comment on, or even suggest a change to your live product from within your product itself.

Or said this way: if your product is your bread & butter, then Jam is your collaboration layer on top (and correspondingly, our react app is structured: external context: <ItsBreadTime />, auth layer: <ItsToastTime />, and jamming layer: <ItsJamTime /> - who said javascript couldn't be breakfast themed!).

Building products should be fun, and a little magical. But today it's still a little anxiety inducing - being invited to a "feedback meeting", getting cc'ed on a "fix this" email, forgetting where you were asked for something, was it in Slack or Jira or in the PR on Github?

That's where Jam comes in. Collaboration in-context and in-the-flow, bringing your power tools like Github and Jira and Slack into your product, turning your live product into your all-encompassing workbench.

Jam is backed by great VCs: Version One and BoxGroup

And the (Jam, lol) stack is: react, typescript, emotion for styles, js/node API, mongodb, hosted on heroku with use of vercel functions

👩‍💻 About you

🎶 Right now I'm in a react state of mind...