Join our tech startup as a Founding Engineer. 
In this role, you will directly impact our product, our customers,
our team, and engineering practices.

const shouldIJoin = (
  isDriven: boolean,
  lovesTech: boolean,
  isCreative: boolean,
) => {
  return [isDriven, lovesTech, isCreative].every(
    (criterion) => criterion === true,
console.log({ shouldIJoin: shouldIJoin(true, true, true) ? 'yes!' : 'no' }); // :)))

Some facts

ūüöÄ About Us

Summary: Closing deals on autopilot --’s nudging technology steers employees toward revenue-driving actions. combines world-class research on nudge theory (based on Nobel Laureate economist Richard Thaler who one of our founders worked with) with machine intelligence to boost productivity of sales reps. Specifically, scans sales data from CRM systems and other sales tools, looking for opportunities to train better behaviors, identify winning and losing ones, and boost data hygiene and quality. We leverage genAI for our sales co-pilot that personalizes messages, books meetings, and ensures a clean pipeline.

ūü§ď Your Responsibilities

ūüŹÜ Must-haves