As a founding engineer at Trinsic, you'll have the opportunity to redefine how people around the world interact with their personal data and manage their identity, making the world and its useful services more accessible to people who desperately need it. Your work will focus on developing the core capabilities of our platform by developing the open source libraries, standards, and drivers our platform needs.

You'll work with a supportive, remote team that loves to work intensely and have fun while doing it. We're a small team, so you'll wear a lot of hats.

We're looking for:

Within the first 30 days, you'll work with your onboarding buddy closely to implement your first PR on a key open source codebase. By 60 days, we expect you to be implementing features autonomously and by 90 days we expect you'll be irreplaceable because of your knowledge and domain expertise in a particular aspect of the codebase.

Engineering Interview Process: what to expect