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Your Role is a brokerage API for developers at the stock market.

With you can code your own trading algorithms, bots, or applications at the stock market and execute them against our API. If you want to get a deeper understanding or get started yourself: Check out our docs. We started with a narrow focus, but huge ambitions in order to pursue our vision of embedded brokerage experiences in every context, built by developers, consumed by everyone.

There are exciting times ahead. We have launched our Paper Trading API in November and are already onboarding the first users for the real money product. Supporting the public roll-out of the real money product will be a core part of your responsibilities. This means you will take care of business operations, be involved in marketing activities, prepare management decisions and create scalable processes to support our customers in using the API.

If this sounds intriguing to you, we are more than excited to get to know you through our Typeform below.

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