With our fund, we aim to transfer knowledge and capital between the US, India, and Southeast Asia. The founders we partner with will have full access to our network across these three regions. You can learn more below.

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Knowledge Council

The Knowledge Council is a group of world-class operators. They're here to help the iSeed portfolio across various functions. As a portfolio company, you will be invited to attend private workshops hosted by these leading experts.

Knowledge Council Members

Founder Support

Here are a few other ways we work with our portfolio:

🔗 Access to the US and India

All of our LPs are founders, investors, and high-net-worth individuals in the US or India. This differentiates us from other funds, as we are able to connect our founders to global sources of capital for follow-on funding and to people who have built great companies.

💸 Fundraising

From working at AngelList and AngelList India, we have a large network of investors. Once we partner, we can help bring in other funds to help fill the round. We're also able to help with strategy and introductions for follow-on funding from top-tier global funds.

🌐 Global Expansion

Utsav is based in India, which is an attractive market for both company expansion and a talent hub for developers. Wing is based in Thailand, which is a market a lot of companies in Southeast Asia aspire to break into. We can help with GTM and strategy planning for both regions.

🤝 Partnership

Once we partner with you, we trust you with our capital. We'll never get in your way and won't require weekly or monthly check-ins. Building a company from nothing is hard enough on its own; you don't need the extra pressure from your investors. We care about your well-being as people and want to be there for you during tough times.


A few of the investors in our fund include:

Naval Ravikant (Founder & Chairman of AngelList)