Benefits of RUVs and working with the RUV Alliance

  1. Founder retains voting rights on shares bought by RUV investors, instead of giving up voting rights on shares bought by funds and syndicates
  2. RUVs only accept accredited investors and AngelList handles the accreditation verification process. No burden on founders.
  3. Charge a sustainable higher valuation/cap to RUV investors since lack of carry and management fees means RUV investors can get same net returns even if investing at a higher valuation
  4. Know all your investors and connect with them directly
  5. Deals close much faster since you don’t have to wait on fund GPs to call capital from LPs or for syndicate leads to solicit interest from syndicate members
  6. Raise in smaller batches (even quarterly if you'd like) with incrementally higher pre-money SAFE cap
  7. See testimonials and case studies for more on the benefits/costs
  8. Reg CF/A+ offerings are outside the scope of the Alliance unless they can be done at near zero fee or at least vastly cheaper than current market pricing at ~8% of capital raised in cash and securities.

How does the RUV Alliance work?

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