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Link : https://bit.ly/39Tk8Mb

It is possible to give a skin to a friend using the gift function of Fortnite Battle Royal.

I think you'll be pleased if you send a gift to a good friend.

So this time I will show you how to send a gift to a friend at Fort Knight.

Make sure your friends are set to receive gifts Fort Knight First, make sure that the person who wants to send the gift has set "Accept gifts from other players" in the "Account" setting to "Yes".

Most people think "yes", so I think it's okay, but some people care about it and may say "no". If you don't return it ...! Some people think that.

It might be better to think about the amount of gift It seems that items that can be purchased at the item shop can be sent as gifts, but you may want to think a little about the amount.

If you send too much skin or a large amount, you may be more concerned about it.

The emoticons and music of 200 bubucks (200 yen) may be just right without care. It's just my sense.

Gifts are non-refundable Normally, skins purchased at the item shop can be returned. (Up to 3 times per account)

However, gift purchases are non-refundable.