Unlike forms made with Google Forms, GOMdrop offers the ability to specify content that will be included in all your forms. This is done in our Form Options page, where you can get really creative with how your info will look.

Header Image

While forms don't need a header image, it's more fun to have one! This is also a good opportunity for your joiners to get to know your branding.


Not all images will look good as a banner image. Our forms resize all images to fit 850 x 164.

Opening Page

This page is the first page your joiners will see in a form. This is commonly used for any rules, disclaimers, or process explanations. When you add content to this page, joiners will need to agree to what you've written before they can proceed to the rest of the order.


Closing Page

This is the last page a joiner will see in a form. Use this page to include information about payment info, future steps, or important notes a joiner must know before they submit.



When writing your opening page or closing page be informative, but don't forget to format! GOMdrop uses Markdown to format text. Take a look at this Markdown guide to see all the different ways you can format your information.

You can easily preview how your pages will look by clicking the Preview tab!