Quick facts

😲 About the opportunity

As one of our first full-time team members, you work directly with the founders in this high impact role to help us protect more forests. Your tasks as Forest Carbon Project Manager are both strategic and operational:

On the one hand, you develop the certification criteria and thus ensure that the impact of our projects is ensured. On the other hand, you implement projects and automate processes. You are the single source of truth regarding the status of a forest carbon project under development, you drive data collection and ensure project quality. This can mean e.g. providing forest owners with suggestions for site-appropriate tree species based on public data, getting info from our product/tech team about carbon projections, tapping into various data sources to perform a standardized risk assessment, or supporting the building of our internal project management platform with low-code tools to automate as many tasks as possible. It is a diverse and challenging role, with a lot of impact!

✅ Your responsibilities

Important goals of your role are:

Your key tasks include: