<aside> 💡 By inviting agents to your school's screen of SpeedVisa, school staffs, agents and students can share information necessary to apply for CoE in real time.


How to set up and add agent accounts

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1)”Add the person in charge” from the Dashboard of the top page of the school’s screen



2)Click on the "Add a person in charge" button. From the "Authority" pull-down, select "Agent(エージェント)" to register.

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3)An invitation e-mail will be sent to the agent as shown on the left. The agent will click "Verify email address" button on the email to complete the authentication.

それでも解決しなかったら? 管理画面の右下にある (?)フィードバック をクリックして、チャットでお問い合わせください!Eメールでも受け付けています。 biz-team@kusunoki.ltd ✌️