Thank you for agreeing to participate as an expert in the Work On Climate "expert office hours" program! Your generosity with your time and knowledge are much appreciated.

If you are interested to be an expert, fill out this form

Set up Calendly

You should have received an invite to Calendly (if we didn't, let us know!) and added you to the Work On Climate organization.

Please accept the invite and go through the sign-up flow:

  1. Your account
  2. The invite

Note: Please Ignore or delete the default event types of 15-30-60 minutes. We will create the Office Hours event type and it will show up in your Calendly.

Scheduling preferences

Please let us know the 1 weekly slot when you're available - e.g. "Wed at 7pm PST". Let us know if you need to change any of the following defaults:

Please also send us a short summary about yourself and the types of things you want to talk to people about (3-5 bullets are enough for the website, but you can talk about whatever you and your mentee want). This will be displayed in the event description and places where your availability is advertised. Here is an example from a current expert:

I am the CEO of Frost Methane, a company mitigating methane emissions from permafrost & coal mining.