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Welcome to our first profile and thanks so much for being here. Every week, we profile a new font and dive into trends, facts, and how-tos about using it.

Aaaaand today we have...



Langar, a gem from Google Fonts

Introducing Langar

Surprise! Our first guest is slightly crazy. Langar is a script font and carries on a modern, kooky tone.


Instagram, Google, and Indiehackers got a Langar make-over

In general, script fonts are deeply personal. I mean, think about it, they are digitized versions of handwriting! They bring a personal touch. In the olden days, people wrote calligraphy with a nibbed pen, so most of the scripts were thin and elongated. Some are elegant. Some are crisp and sharp, and some are vintage and decorative.


Dumbledore’s magical script

However, Langar looks as if it's written with a thick marker (It takes inspiration from Gurmukhi), which is uncommon compared to the more traditional scripts. The proportion also looks modern (a topic we will go over in another blog post). All of this tells you Langar is a little bit of contemporary hodge-podge. It's kooky and bold (notice how thick Langar's strokes are, compared to Zapfino, a popular elegant script).


Zapfino is a very popular script you’ll find on lots of Birthday cards

When can we use Langar?


Use cautiously. Casual, bold, and kooky means this speaks to an alternative, younger, and bold audience. Is this your target audience?

Typography System

It is ok to use Langar for header level information. But remember, Langar will always add a tone of bold and kooky. The strokes are also very thick, so best to be used at large sizes (above 18 px).