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Did you have a lovely weekend?

This weekend I spent most of the time writing content for our blog. I also recruited small business owners for my user test and spoke to a few folks who launched their business during the pandemic. It's amazing how resilient people can become when dealing with hardships.ย I felt so inspired this weekend!


Now, letโ€™s get to our font friend for today!



img: sample of Six Caps

The Narrow Six Caps

Did you ever need a font that could fit into narrow spaces? Like on the side of a video? If yes, Six Caps is made just for you.


img: condensed fonts work great on the side of the video

Six Caps is a sans serif. A quick reminder: sans serifs are letterforms without the little serif(feet). As you might have noticed, this sans serif appears visibly narrower than regular fonts. This is called condensed font.


img: the width of the condensed font is much narrower than a regular font

It is very common to find condensed fonts sitting inside classified sections in newspapers or magazines. Due to its width, a condensed font is more visually pleasing sometimes and can best leverage a narrow space. It is like putting a book inside its slip-case โ€” everything fits together proportion-wise. Six Caps is your reliable space-saving friend.


img: our eyes are naturally drawn to the design with the condensed font on the left-hand side because the condensed font is more proportional to the narrowness of the column

When we talk about the personalities of fonts, the most telling characteristics are in their lowercase. For our case, Six Caps is relatively neutral and doesn't have a traditional lowercase. Instead, it has a small-cap to meet all your spacing needs. If you need to place text in a tight space, like the corners of a photo, use a condensed font like Six Caps can be incredibly useful.


img: the designer can fit many typographic designs into the posters because she uses condensed, regular, and extended fonts. This variety of styles makes the poster look energetic, which is perfect for the content of the posters; credit: pentagram.com

How to use Six Caps


This font is very neutral. You can use it for logos, but you may need to design your logo a bit more to make it stand out.

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