Quick Intro

This first beta has the goal of testing and getting feedback on our mint/redeem flows that will be needed to bootstrap liquidity for our first Real World Asset Tethered: DUSD. Your testing will allow us to streamline the backend, discover any bugs, and optimize for usability. When giving feedback keep in mind to clearly state your issue or comment, for example:

As a user I need to do ...X… so that I can achieve ..Y... but ...Z… is happening.

Also, determine whether it is a bug or maybe an extra feature or idea you have and always clearly state the issue and where it happened so we can reproduce and fix it.

Thank you and welcome to FluidFi!

Please, join Trello to add bugs & requests!

For a walk through step by step video please check:


Start Testing

<aside> 💡 To become a FluidFi Beta Tester, please, use the following URL: https://webapp-beta.fluidfi.ch/


Before starting a Beta Tester should install MetaMask — an extension for the browser (e.g. use the link for Chrome browser).

Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at 2.52.34 PM.png

A Beta Tester should create an account in MetaMask which will be connected to the FluidFi WebApp on the next steps (see the further instructions).

User Verification Flow

Every Beta Tester has to sign up, sign in, and pass the KYC procedure. Let's go quickly through those user scenarios.

Sign up flow

On the Sign up page a Beta Tester should enter First and Last names, a valid email, set up a unique secure password, tick the Policies checkbox...

...enter this Invite Code: fluidity-rocks

...and submit the form: