Bobblz to become first official partner to build in the Flovatar Universe



The Flovatar universe is expanding with the upcoming release of their TerraKit land sale. Each terrakit comes with a land deed to your very own asteroid, a custom Flobot to terraform the rock, and a FUB (Flovatar Universe Builder) to build your very own NFT collection.

Bobblz will be inhabiting 10 asteroids, merged together to create the bobblz planetary home within the Flovaverse. Here, you can utilize the customizable bobblz builder FUB to create your very own customized bobblz to inhabit your own asteroid, or even remix your favorite bobblz traits with flovatar traits. You can even make your own hand drawn traits using your own FUB to create the ultimate bobblz to represent you!

“As the Bobblz brand continues to grow, there are many projects that we planned on collaborating within the Flow ecosystem. We’ve always knew the collaboration between Flovatar and Bobblz would be one that everyone would be excited for, but when we saw what they were building with the TerraKits and the FUB – we knew it was the right time.

Our team and community have always expressed interest in a customizable Bobblz builder – and the FUB opens that door. Not just to create their own Bobblz using their favourite Bobblz traits, but to create their own traits – even mix some Flovatar traits together. This we call “Flovabobblz”.

With our Terrakits, we will be creating a home away from home where we can showcase some of our favourite Bobblz and Flovabobblz. In the same planetary area, we can also give other Bobblz holders the opportunity to dock their asteroids in the same general area to do the same. What a party this is going to be!

With Terrakit, the customization is endless. We are excited to see what sort of Bobblz the community creates, and furthermore mixes with Flovatars traits and Flobits. Then they can showcase this on their very own Asteroid. The NFT space has always been about ownership and digital representation, and this puts the power of self-expression back in the hands of the holders. We are excited!” - says Bobblz founder, Sven Hansen.

To celebrate the launch of the Flovatar land sale, any minted bobblz during the last week of our genesis mint running from September 26-October 3rd, will be entered to win 1 of 3 terrakits. Come build with us in the Flovaverse!

Don’t miss out on the TerraKit pack sale on Monday September 26th - Flovatar will be releasing only 2500 TerraKits at a discounted price of $49 Flow vs regular pricing of $98

Should you need more information of how to purchase Flow with Blocto or Dapper Wallet, Flovatar has created a handy guide here: