Welcome to Flouci Developer API!

If you haven't already, you should create a Flouci Developer account here before reading the rest of the documentation:

The Flouci Developer API allows you to easily start accepting payments on any e-commerce websites with no upfront costs. Every account comes with a test sandbox environment. Before you can move to production, you will need to have a Flouci Business Account with one of our partner banks. A Flouci Business Account allows businesses to accept payments from their clients both online and in person. The payments made using Flouci wallets are instantly transferred to your wallet, and money can be cashed out to any of the linked bank accounts.

The Developer API offers a great degree of flexibility for people with or without a website and a dedicated development team. If you need assistance or have any feedback on how we can make the product better, please reach out to us at

Contact us if you want to activate bank card payments within the same Flouci developer integration.

There are three ways you can start selling online

To use the Developer API, you need to first create a developer account. This account is different from your regular login account for a Flouci account.

1. Via The API

One developer account can support up to 5 apps. An app represents a website or a type of integration, with a unique public and private key. Every app is linked to a wallet where the money would be deposited. Different apps can link to different Flouci wallets.