Exhibition open from Oct. 15th - Nov. 17th 2020 at the Lanyang Museum in Yilan



From April to October 2020, I taught Exhibition Design at the Lanyang Museum in Yilan County. My students are volunteers of the museum who had no previous experiences in curating and producing an exhibition. The final project for this course is for the students to open an exhibition about the plants in the unique habitats in Yilan.

My role

I teach alongside Han-Yau Huang and Shi-Jie Lee.

I'm in charge of teaching concept development and producing the actual exhibits. I received much support from both Han-Yau, who primarily teaches botany, and Shi-Jie, who works at Lanyang Museum and initiated this course.

The course

March & April: Key objectives + brainstorming

0416 作業說明 - 從發想到實作

蘭博看風水 - 從發想到實作

May: Concept development + proposal


June: Space design + interaction workshop

  1. Measure the space in order to decide on the size and position of exhibits
  2. Map out the traffic patterns: how to design for a comfortable space?
  3. Testing the flow of interaction by hosting a workshop. Students run through the process and note down problems they observed and the materials needed.


July: Display + illustration workshop

One of the main exhibits is a map that requires identifiable graphics of the selected plants. The Museum acquired the rights to use the line drawings from published scientific literatures, and we taught the students to color these drawings to make the final graphics.