How to Play

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Android Download

The android download is available from Google Drive and the Play Store. However, at the rate that updates get pushed at this stage, it's very hard to keep the Play Store download constantly up-to-date. So, we recommend using the google drive link for updates instead (re-installing automatically updates the existing app)!

Google Drive - v0.9.1-beta (latest):

Lightweight Floating Bridge.apk

Google Play Store - v0.9.1-beta (latest):

Floating Bridge - Apps on Google Play

iOS Download

Uploading to the App Store incurs a monthly cost (as opposed to Google Play's one off fee). So, we've decided to distribute our iOS client privately. If you'd like to get download instructions for iOS, please fill out the form below with a preferred download time. We'll send out download links in bulk via email at fixed times during the day. We do this because download links only last for an hour after being generated (best to set a reminder).

iOS Request Form: