<aside> 💡 At Medusa, we have no demands for when you work and where you work. We trust that you will deliver high-quality output in time. If you work better in the evening feel free to sleep in and put in the hours later in the day; if you wanna go for a run in the middle of the day we will encourage you to just do it - it is your responsibility to manage your time and we trust that you can do so!

To make flexible hours work we rely on a couple of simple mechanisms.



As the first thing, you do every day when you are working you should write your Progress, Plans, Problems in our #standup channel. The short message will help us stay in sync and know what each other are working on - more about the standup in How we use Slack.

📞 Status

We want you to use your communication status in a helpful manner. This means, that using Do not disturb when in focus-mode*,* or Out-of-office when taking a break is respected when messaging you on one of our communication channels. On days when you are working your default status should always be Online.

↩️ Reply EoD

On days when you are working, we always expect you to reply end of day. This ensures that we are not blocking each other and sets clear expectations around when we get replies.

Note: EoD means a regular workday so don't expect replies at 11pm and try to be mindful of when your might want your response.