Updated Oct 14th, 2020

Your Logistics & Agreements

Our in person events involve a fairly involved prep week - our online events are still in development and vary widely.

TEDxCOS is a 1-day event, but rehearsal, prep, and debrief requires 4 days if we're preparing for an in-person event.

If that is the case, we need you to arrive the Tuesday before our event.

Wednesday at the absolute latest. If you get in Wednesday, be ready to roll for speaker dinner and more, rehearsal is Thursday. If you need to rest when you arrive, get here Tuesday.

Our dress rehearsal is on the Thursday, we have a 1 day break for you to recharge to be best prepared to give the talk of your life, Saturday is our event, and then on Sunday we'll have a final brunch/debrief casual wrap-up day, and you can fly/drive out Sunday night or Monday.

Please try to book your stay at the hotel we'll provide links to when you're selected. You'll get dinner with us Wednesday and we'll all go out for lunch Thursday. The rest of your meals are your responsibility.

Flagship Event Participation Overview

Being a TEDxCOS speaker comes in 4 fairly simple phases, and each comes with its associated form to keep things simple and organized for you and our volunteer team:

  1. Selection
    1. You'll either audition or you'll be asked to speak on stage.
    2. If we agree you're a good fit, you'll be asked at least 1 month out from the main event submit your first 10 minute draft video as well as details about your life, your talk, and have a conversation with our curators and coaches around your talk on stage.
  2. Coaching
    1. At the beginning of coaching you'll receive a speaker agreement and a list of dates for coaching opportunities and you'll have 2-4 months to prepare your TEDx talk.
    2. You'll submit a final draft, final transcript and other documents as well as confirming your attendance for our live event and that you have tickets purchased and you're ready to show up about 1 month our from the event. At this point your talk will be locked.
  3. Event
    1. You'll go on stage, we'll have a lovely week per the agenda below, and you'll get your 3rd form that asks for final details you've decided on about your talk title, bio, description, tags, etc.
  4. Your Talk Gets Posted
    1. You'll let us know when you see your talk go up, and we'll reach out to you with the final step of our process, the post-talk interview where you can talk about how your experience impacted your life and the lives of others!
    2. At this point we'll all have everything we need to promote your talk ongoing, some of you will be invited back as coaches, and you'll just get to hang out in the TEDxCOS family group and support other speakers as they come and go from your life.


This agenda applies to both in-person and remote events. I'm going to talk about it like a normal human event so that this applies for years to come, but if I say "dinner" or "brunch" or "event" hear "zoom call" if you're reading this in 2020 or 2021.

Wednesday Night

Speaker Dinner - We'll all meet each other and get to know each other! You'll get details about where and when this is by email the day before hand.