You have made it! Congratulations, you are just at the beginning of something extraordinary!

No matter if another connector referred you, or if you start as a fellow, the first steps of a connector are the same.

  1. Make sure that you create a good profile on our website. A good profile requires a high-resolution profile picture, your ecosystem, and a real name.
  2. Make sure you also add your LinkedIn to your Founders Lair profile. Go to your profile, click on “Update Profile” and add your LinkedIn there.
  3. Afterward, go to this link, click on “Share this project”, and finally click on “Copy link”. This is your personal referral link to this program.
  4. Go to LinkedIn and share with your network your achievement to join our community [You can use the visual below]. Tell everyone that you joined the largest community of startup ecosystem builders. Please tag us on LinkedIn so that we can see your post. IMPORTANT! Add your personal referral link to the program mentioned in step 3 and say: “If you are keen to join me on this journey, please follow the link [PutHereYourOwnReferralLink]”.
  5. We will activate your account through your own referral link.

You are ready to grow on the ecosystem builder community curve!!