When do I show up?

Full-timers work 8-hour days within North American business hours (Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern). Update your work hours here so we know when to expect you.

Uh... How do I show up? How will someone know I'm here?

Logging in to Slack is our equivalent of walking into the office in the morning! On your first day, log in, say hi, and we’ll get you started. Instructions on how to sign up are wiating for you in your company email inbox already.

Sign up for Notion

This part of our docs are public, but we have a whoooole lot of company secrets (aka documentation, plans, and resources) in our official team wiki. There'll be instructions on how to do this waiting for you in your new company email.

Add our shared “MeetEdgar” folder to your Google Drive

All of our working docs live here. New documents/spreadsheets/notes you create need to be saved in this shared folder to be discoverable to the team.

Set up 1Password

We use 1Password to manage all shared passwords. You already have an invite waiting for you in your company inbox. Here’s where you can find 1Password browser add-ons.

Subscribe to our MeetEdgar team Google Calendars

Follow the instructions here to add our shared team calendars and make sure the rest of the team's calendars are viewable to you.

Get ready for First Day Q&A!

A long-standing Team Edgar tradition - on a new team member’s first day, we host First Day Q&A on Slack. Everyone on the team will ask you a question - you get to ask one back to everybody. Feel free to add follow-up questions and keep the convo going in Slack as long as you want. Today’s a fun day to get to know everybody and start putting names to faces/profile pics.

Check out your new Asana Project for the rest of your onboarding tasks

You’ve just been assigned your first tasks in Asana. (Instructions Please run through the tasks listed on the project within your first few weeks of working at MeetEdgar!