First Quest

Goals (and general process outlined in order. Click into the full pages for the broken down content):

  1. Welcome

    First draft of copywriting —- Welcome

  2. Choosing a curated or fully transparent experience

    Transparency (what the opt-in is and why we have it)

  3. Initial information


  4. Guild Select

    Guild Select

  5. Claim That Bounty!

    Claim First Bounty


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Questions new Discord users ask

Submitted by @ Homeless

Discord Notes

1. Discord isn't understood amongst my friends. Is it safe?

If your friends/acquaintances finished school more tha 4 yrs ago and aren't into tech they likely don't know or understand Discord. It is safe in ways that any social media is and isn't, and it doesn't have the bandwidth of say Twitter or Facebook. Nonetheless, don't say things you wouldn't say in public or that you wouldn't want your neighbor posting on their lawn (or your neighbors wouldn't want you posting). Assume someone following could betray your trust.

2. What is Discord?

In short discord is a place for airing thoughts, and getting answers to brief questions. If you have time you can get a history of conversations, but ultimately at some point conversations turn to DMs or are done by one of numerous audio channels. If you truly want to understand a situation you need to read the wiki and notion pages and join the community and guild calls.

3. Where do I start?

Honestly, leave the discord page and read all the links on the wiki link.

Once you finish the wiki links come back and use "start-here."

Next, find the "calendar" and plan to listen to the community call listed in the calendar.

Once you have done the above, go through each link and read the last 1-2 weeks of posts.

If there are topics you like go back to their origin.

4. What's up with the guilds?

The guilds are where more focal conversations happen, and if you followed the recommendations above you likely noticed there is a bit of cross guild collaboration and/or redundancy. Don't fret as people have varying levels of commitment to the DAO and live around the world making for some inefficiencies. However; there is a group of full timers who left their 9-5 job so they can work 24/7 in crypto/defi. Maybe not literally but check the times of posts and look who always seems to be online.