Application filed October 17, 2019

Bio final.pdf

Genre: Jazz

Detail where you are in your career, and provide an overall strategy/plan for growth in the coming year. Describe your challenges, ambitions, and where you hope to be after your Artist Development Year. (2000 character limit)

During my teens and early twenties, I wrote over 200 instrumental jazz compositions. Influenced by Herbie Hancock and Bill Frisell, I found a trumpet-led, live quartet sound.

I have released an album and performed at folk festivals as part of a band, but few of my own jazz compositions have reached the public. However, I earned over 5,000 downloads by sharing some of them under Creative Commons. Independent podcasts have used those tracks as theme music.

I have talented peers who love to play my music and encourage me to keep writing, and I aspire to do projects that help them build strong careers.

Ultimately, my goal is to be Canada’s most prolific young jazz composer and build an international, inter-generational audience for my music. I aim to sell out venues that promote Canadian jazz, strengthening local music scenes.

I recently released two singles and sold 45 tickets to a self-presented concert. These steps inspired me to stay true to my goal, and I decided to seek public arts funding to record more of my music.

During my Artist Development year, I will develop an audience of 120 people in Vancouver who will sell out my concert at a local jazz venue. These people enjoy hearing new jazz music regularly, and they want to follow the life of a young artist in depth.

To produce content for that audience, I will release eight new singles. I will record the singles in three days of studio time, and I will make my own daily online media content.

At the end of the year, I will leverage my library of eight to ten single releases. On a CD or other physical media, I can send them to local radio curators; and, on streaming, I can combine them into an album-like playlist that includes other artists' music. I will promote myself through physical media, online media ads, and word-of-mouth, acquiring sign-ups for an email newsletter. My plan aims to add enough of these sign-ups in Vancouver to draw 120 people to a local concert.

**Describe how the development activities will contribute to your

overall strategy/plan, and how they will help you achieve your artist development goals. (3000 character limit)**

I record my music live-off-the-floor, and I can track up to five compositions per day of studio time. In the Artist Development year, I will book up to three days of studio time. Costs include studio rental, mixing, mastering, cover art, and session musicians. My sound recording budget is $7,500 for the year.

This investment in sound recording starts my planned release cycle of one single per month. I aim to build a community, growing it month-over-month, of people who enjoy hearing new music often.

The community’s main channel is an email newsletter. People can sign up for the newsletter on a new website, My goal is 30 newsletter sign-ups per month on average.

Using physical media, I can make business cards that show the URL, handing them to interested people at Vancouver jazz events. Making posters that promote my single releases can also drive awareness every month, both in advance of and following each release.

Online media advertising allows me to target thousands of people in the Vancouver area. Facebook videos, Instagram photos, Instagram stories, and YouTube videos can document my life as a young artist and introduce new people to my art. Additionally, online media organic content can entertain my audiences on those platforms plus LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, TikTok, etc.

Word-of-mouth remains powerful. Following up with interested people and encouraging them to share my music can multiply my effort. I also enjoy keeping in touch with jazz students at universities across Canada, sharing our projects.

I set a maximum marketing budget of $300 per month for acquiring newsletter sign-ups. My marketing budget for the Artist Development year is, therefore, $3,600.