This framework will help you navigate your voice in climate action. πŸ™Œ

Action is stymied by the debate of who should take action: individuals or system? This'll help you navigate that debate, for yourself and in conversation with friends.

tl;dr: draw a venn diagram with three circles.

  1. joy: this is going to be a long journey, we need to anchor in things that bring us joy
  2. superpowers: what is your unique strength that you can bring to the table?
  3. focus: where in the movement do you see, needs you most?

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"What's the one thing I should do?"

Ayana: So here's how I think about this. What I actually encourage people to do to figure out where they as individuals can be most useful, is to think of it like a Venn diagram. So there's three overlapping circles.

One circle is: what are you good at? Like, what skills, resources, networks, reach, influence are you bringing to the table? What you got?

And then the next circle is: what is the work that needs doing? Like, which climate solution are you gonna focus on? And how does that overlap with the skills that you have?

And then the third circle would be: what brings you joy? Like, what gets you out of bed in the morning? Because this is the work of our lifetime, right?

Alex: Yeah. And I love this approach? What I love about it is it's not cookie cutter. It's not like, oh, just read a list and do what's on the list. It's tailored to you. And when you pick your own personal actions, those actions will have so much more impact

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SMF - Finding your voice in Climate Action - Venn Diagram by Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson []


This comes from a podcast How to Save a Planet with Alex Blumberg (CEO and co-founder of Gimlet Media) and Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (marine biologist, policy expert and writer).

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