Giraffe allows you to connect to GIS data from any 3rd party source - public or private. You can even use Giraffe to create and host your own data layers. That GIS data is displayed on the map as "Layers".

Giraffe also lets you change how layers are displayed.

To change layers' opacities use the slider under the layer name. To turn the layer off, slide all the way to the left.

To change the order in which layers are displayed drag them up and down in the menu. A layer on top of another in the menu, will display on top of it on the map.

To find layers and add them to your project click on the + button.

Search key words in the 'All Layers' tab to search through public layers. Or look in 'My Layers', or 'My Organization's Layers' to search them.

If there are lots of results - try searching for what you want using keywords like 'parcel', 'cadastre', 'flood', 'contour'.

To create a layer from a vector source, image, or Giraffe model, go to 'My Layers' and click 'Create Layer' and select how you'd like to create the layer.