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<aside> ⚠️ This article is related to using the old, unofficial Notion API. For new Notion connections, we recommend using the Official Notion API. See here for steps on using the Official API.


Your Notion Token provides Chilipepper with access to save to your Notion table via your account.

To obtain your Notion token:

  1. Login to your Notion account via a web browser
  2. Find and copy the **token_v2** value from your Notion session

In Chrome

  1. Open Developer Tools (ViewDeveloper**Developer Tools**)
  2. Open the **Application** tab
  3. Expand **Cookies** in the sidebar menu
  4. Select **<>**
  5. Select the cookie named **token_v2**
  6. Right-click the Value of **token_v2** and Copy it

Once you've found your Notion Token, copy it into the prompt during Form setup.

Security Considerations

<aside> 🔓 Your Notion Token is as sensitive as your username and password. It provides full access to your Notion data.


We take the security of your Notion Token and privacy of your data seriously. At Chilipepper, we've taken a strong approach to protect the storage and use of the Token you provide us. We are actively doing everything we can, while awaiting the official Notion API, to protect your Notion space while using our forms.