Recurring Expenses/Infra Costs

One Time Expense:

Name Cost Who
Rebuild Hicdex Indices $900 Integro Labs - Paid
Reconfigure release $100 Integro Labs - Paid
Hicdex Setup Fee (1ÔÇÉmonth of service, includes LB setup) $1200 Integro Labs - Paid
DAO/Org registration expenses Up to $15,000 USD TBD
Legal support costs (any contracts etc) Up to $5,000 USD TBD
Total $0 Integro Labs total minus income


Name Cost Allocated
TezTools Donation Wallet - Direct to IntegroLabs $547.09 Allocated $547.09- One time expenses table
Felix Xui Donation withdrawal $2,997.91 Allocated $1,652.91 - One time expenses table
Allocated $1,345 to annual monthly expense
Donation to TezTools wallet - 1500 xtz ($5,107 USD at time of donation) Transaction -
Total YTD $3,545




Invoice Domain Jan23



Wish List:

What Cost Who Status
Virtual plot/exhibition space - Tz1and 15 tez Aliak, thebadlament, kellyrichardson, Kerfunkle Paid/owned
Fountain funds 50 tez to start fountain sufficiently funded atm

Suggested Banking solutions

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