Deadline: December 22 11:59pm

Each group will submit a 3-5 page report along with your code and specs (if applicable)

Build a Web3 App:

Your project report should include the following sections:

  1. Project Description: describe the application, example use cases and workflows, and importance of decentralization.
  2. Method and Implementation: Write a high level overview of your implementation and include your code and specs in the appendix of this document.
  3. Security Mitigations: Describe the steps you took to ensure high level of correctness and security. Describe the tools you ran. If you found bugs during development, list them and how you found them.
  4. Conclusion: Include a conclusion with emphasis on your steps to assure security and experiences with security tooling.
  5. Contributions: List the contributions from each team member.

Attempt to answer a research question:

  1. Project Description: What is the research question you are attempting to answer? Give a motivating example
  2. Method: How did you answer this research question? If you developed a technique, include details here.
  3. Evaluation: Include an evaluation of your method. Describe the benchmark set and evaluation metrics you used. If applicable, compare to baseline methods.
  4. Limitations and Threats to Validity: What are some limitations of your technique and/or your evaluation? Describe some paths for future research to improve this work.
  5. Related Work: Describe and credit related work in this field (web3 or non web3 domain).
  6. Conclusion: Conclude with a summary of your contributions, evaluation, and high level answer to your research question
  7. Contributions: List the contributions from each team member.