Apply filters to any view to narrow down the scope of issues that you want to look at or manage.

Available filters

You can filter issues by almost any issue property including content, team, cycle, project, status, priority, assignee, creator, estimate, due date, label, due date and relationship. In Search and My Issues views, which can show issues from multiple teams, filtering labels and states will show issues across all teams that have a matching name (e.g. the label bug will bring up bugs from all teams).

<aside> ✨ ProTip: When to use Search vs. Filters We recommend using search to find specific issues or issues across different teams. Use filters to refine a list of issues in a view. You can even filter your search results!


Apply filters

Type F to select filters from the command menu or click the Filter button above the board or list. You'll see a menu of filters that you can apply to the current view along with the number of matching issues. We hide unmatched filters.

Once you've opened the filter menu, you can move through the menu or use free text search to find the exact filter you're looking for. For example, typing F then *done* will bring up the option to filter by the status Done. If you enter the name of a label bug it'll do the same. If you type F then me or another member's name, it'll bring up quick options to filter issues by assignee or creator. Type Cmd/Ctrl F to filter by issue content.

<aside> ⚠️ Filters only work on views with matching issues. If you're trying to create a filtered search for issues across the workspace, create a view for All Teams and apply the filters there to surface results.


Save and remove filters

Once applied, filters remain on the view until you clear them, even if you navigate away from the page. Use Shift F to remove the last filter and Shift Alt F to remove all filters from a view. You can save filtered views for personal use or to share with your team with our Views feature. From any filtered view, you can also type Alt V or click the Save view button to create a View.

Keyboard shortcuts

<aside> ✨ ProTip: Add multiple filters without your hands leaving the keyboard! Our keyboard shortcuts make this easy. For example, to search for bugs assigned to you, type the combo F then *me* then Enter then F then *bug* then Enter. After you've reviewed your bugs, clear the filter with Shift Alt F.


F to filter

Cmd/Ctrl F to filter by issue content

F then *me* to filter issues you created or are assigned

F then *free text* to find and apply a specific filter (e.g. bug for the label bug)

Shift F to remove the last filter

Shift Alt F to clear all filters