Default Search Facet Definitions

Below are the definitions and some general notes for the Kids First DRC Data Dictionary and search facets. As some of these definitions are common across many online genomic data resources, we have modeled some of our definitions after the Genomic Data Commons located here. Any definition from the GDB is noted with an asterisk (*).

The portal provides two tabs of default facets to search over. The search terms have been divided into the categories of Clinical and File to help make searching easier for the user. The definitions are below.

Default Clinical Filters

Default File Filters

Additional File Filters

Participant Filters

Biospecimen Filters

Diagnosis Filters

Family Filters

All other Family facets are a derivative of definitions above. The Family facets are files that belong to all members within a family.

Outcome Filters

Phenotype Filters

Study Filters

Sequencing Experiment Filters