So you've decided to write a tutorial for Figment Learn? We're excited to have you among our contributors! Please review the guidelines below to make sure your tutorial follows the style and quality of the existing content on Figment Learn.

It is important that you take some time to become familiar with the tutorial structure and how headings should be used. Please read through some of our existing tutorials and also have a look at past Pull Requests before submitting your own.


  1. IMPORTANT Before you start writing, read the guidelines below! They will help you to ensure a level of standardization and quality which will make the review process much faster. Also, be sure to refer to the sample tutorial structure we have provided.
  2. To begin, fork and then clone the learn-tutorials repository on GitHub and create a new branch in your local repository.
  3. Write your tutorial, keeping quality and readability in mind! Have a look at existing tutorials to see what you should aim for.
  4. When you're ready to submit it for review, open a Pull Request from your branch. We'll be notified and will start the review process:
    1. Please make every effort to submit only the final draft of your tutorial. Some typos and grammar fixes are acceptable, but if there are significant changes to be made before we can publish the tutorial it will take much longer to review and have you make the appropriate changes.
  5. Once we've reviewed your submission and you've made any necessary changes, we'll merge the Pull Request and the tutorial will be published on Figment Learn. We'll be in touch shortly after this to arrange your payment!
  6. Once it is published, remember to promote your tutorial on social media! Figment and the Learn Team can help to amplify this promotion, as long as you coordinate with us.

To summarize, the workflow is: Fork and Clone the **learn-tutorials **repository > Write and polish your tutorial > Submit a Pull Request for review > Make any necessary changes > The tutorial is merged and published > Promote your tutorial on social media!

General tips