An online board game experience.

A couple of weeks into working from home after the pandemic was states side. I pulled out some board games for the family to play. Scrabble was one of them.

I really appreciate the details and textures of this game. I decided it would be fun to replicate this for an online experience so I could play with friends.

Figma seemed liked the perfect place to build and launch this project.

it only took a week to launch this project. I built everything in Figma. I thought it would be fun to make an official campaign around this, so I launched social media accounts and built a landing page.

I had a blast building. And I continue to get joy as I see people duplicate this project on Figma community weekly.


Everything about Scrabble was broken down into components. Every detail was considered when building.

The Pieces

An absolute blast to put together. Each detail was carefully considered down to the plastic rendering of the board itself.