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✹ Start Here

Great resources on getting started with Figma or brushing up on the fundamentals.

New to Figma? Get started with "Figma for beginners" tutorials

Figma 101: An introduction tutorial

Naming Things in Figma: My Best Tips & Tricks

Tutorials: Prototype while you design

✹ Advanced

Ready to take on some more advanced concepts and features? Here are some recs.

Auto Layout Intro - Figma Crash Course

Figma Best Practices

Auto layout: Learn to create flexible designs and components

Figma Tips

✹ Level Up

Here you'll find compilations of Figma resources and tips to level up your Figma workflow.

10 tips to work 10x faster in Figma

Build it in Figma

The ultimate Figma resource archive (2020)

✹ Courses

These are paid courses (with free samples and lessons) that cover Figma and a lot more.

Learning Figma

Design+Code - Learn to design and code React and Swift apps

Shift Nudge

✹ People

Amazing folks who offer amazing Figma tips and ideas, and general design goodness. Check out their pages and vids!