The Rari Capital robo-advisor has a few set of fees for the protocol, including a performance fee and a withdrawal fee. There is also a time-based transfer fee for early $RGT transfers.

Performance Fee & Withdrawal Fee

These fees power Rari's revenue and are generated from the Rari protocol on the following occasions:

Stable Pool: 17.5% profits

Yield Pool: 12.5% profits + 0.5% withdrawal

(The withdrawal fee is required to prevent arbitrage within this pool since it is composed of various stablecoins which may have minor price fluctuations)

ETH Pool: 17.5% of profits

RIP-3 updated our fee structure to be as seen above.

Where Do the Fees Go?

These fees are then entered as Protocol Revenues which you can read more about here.


Protocol Revenues

What is $RGT?