From Google

As a part of our award from Code for America's Technology Award in 2015, we received the following council from Google.

Know Your Consumer

Prompting the user to create an account after they add their second alert can give them additional capabilities, and we can permit it via social channels.

To best support this, citygram would need an upfit to a Rails application-- a significant change, but managable.

Add Viral Discussion Features

Something like a rezoning request can be a major event in the lifecycle of a neighborhood. Make sure that the appropriate people are pinged in a meaningful way that allows e.g. a local zoning board to note their comments or objections and to share easily with social and other media.

Make a Shareable Model

We'd love for our data to end up on NextDoor or Facebook, so let's prepare for embedding and landing pages in a meaningful way.

From Open Charlotte

Outage tracking

When we get a 500, we should look into it with some degree of service level rather than none. We should have humans that are assigned to particular feeds for notifications, even if they are internal to Citygram.

Support for voting districts

There is intersect logic based on a circle from a center point, but that's not the only thing the DB could do. We'd need to completely analyze how to perform this work.

Break the Twilio Code from Centralized to Configured per City