With the continued rollout of Crunchyroll 2.0 on all the various platforms, managing home feeds for Crunchyroll, both within the United States and internationally, needed a solution before the new homepage went live.


FMS Portal, or Feed Management Service Portal, is an internal tool used by Product, Audience Development, and Marketing, to help deliver various home feeds globally, to all of our platforms. With the idea that this will lead to and increase in minutes watched and overall video engagement within Crunchyroll.


I was asked to help design and support all things related to FMS Portal, for the soon to be released Crunchyroll 2.0 homepage.


Like with most internal tools, time and resources were my two limiting factors. The release date for the Crunchyroll 2.0 homepage was Q1 2021, and I began work on FMS Portal in July of 2020. Initial design work needed to be provided to engineers mid September, so I was once again low on time, and had only a handful of engineers actually making FMS Portal. In fact, we used the same engineers from Config Delta!


We started off with an initial kickoff where stakeholders had a quick overview of the project, and gave a high level view of what they needed for the initial release of FMS Portal. After that, I worked with stakeholders on their predefined wireframes to make sure that I understood the flow of the application correctly. From there, we broke down the project into bite-sized chunks.

FMS Portal Sections

<aside> πŸ”’ Basic Admin Portal functionalities - This is where feeds and collection management will live.


<aside> πŸ—£ Localization support - Allows teams to translate feeds into different languages, and save them.


<aside> πŸ¦ΈπŸ»β€β™€οΈ Hero carousel - The ability to create home page hero carousels with the latest news, merchandise, or episodes on Crunchyroll.