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Welcome to fediphilosophy.org, a Mastodon instance for academic philosophers (broadly construed)!

This page gives server guide and rules for the fediphilosophy Mastodon server only. For a more detailed guide on Mastodon in general, here are some resources to refer to

An increasingly less-brief introduction to Mastodon

What is Mastodon?

Table of Content

Getting started on fediphilosophy

Who can join?

We welcome past or current researchers (including graduate students) and teachers whose work engage with philosophy. You don’t have to be affiliated with a philosophy department.

This is a real identity server. Please have identifying information somewhere in your profile (username or display name or bio).

Q: does it mean I can only post professional content here?

A: No. You can post whatever you want, as long as you obey server rules. (Basically, don’t be a jerk!)

How to join?

Go to fediphilosophy.org to request an invitation. Please provide your academic name and a link to your institutional affiliated page. If you are not current affiliated, provide a link that proves you are an active researcher (e.g., google scholar site).

You do not need to use an institutional email. In fact, it’s probably better if you use a free domain email like gmail or hotmail. (Our server domain is new and therefore looked upon suspiciously by institutional mail servers.)

Note that invitations may take some time to be processed.

Getting started

Bios and introduction