Same Newsletter, but in Portuguese:

Novidades do mÊs, Fevereiro 2021

There are new important changes in the app this week, especially regarding the daily challenges!

New in 0.12.0: ðŸ’Ą Better daily challenge, with the option to add feedback and better voting system so answers get more exposure and more votes ⭐ïļ Language selector at the top bar picks the language of next suggested match at the Play tab. It also sets a priority order for pending matches, challenges, and language to be played with a friend from the friends tab 👉 Better opponent picking, lesson picking, and stale match reallocation algorithms 🗞 Announcements screen (this thing you are seeing right now) 🐞 Fixed a bug on energy point consumption 🐞 Fixed bug on profile cards and other cosmetic bugs

Updates from previous version (0.11.2): 🇧🇷ðŸ‡ŪðŸ‡đ Word tips for Portuguese & Italian ðŸ‡Đ🇊 Better German word tips ⏰ Reduced time to respond a match from 7 to 3 days (then it gets stale and reallocated to someone else)

I hope you enjoy these updates! Let us know if you find any bug, what you think of these changes, and if you have any suggestions for future features!

It would also really help us if you could take the time to fill out a feedback survey for us:

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iOS Beta

We are going to send an invitation TODAY to a new batch of people from the waiting list for the iOS app. If you don't receive your invitation yet, please be patient! So many of you signed up, which is really exciting, and we are rolling it out by stages as we improve the app 🙏 Meanwhile, you can share the Android version of Polygloss with your friends.

Coming next

â™ŧïļ We are working on a Quick play / Review feature, that allows you to review content you wrote in the past and play quick games built from sentences written in the past by other players. You can help us design this feature by commenting on our quick play brainstorming blog post. After this feature is done, we plan on changing the iOS private test to public test.

🖞 We are also working on a more professionally looking design! We got a new logo and now Doug is leading the update of the app's design (and making some UX improvements in the meantime).

Check our Roadmap to see what else we are working on.