A new release is out is this one brings the Comms experience on Stomio to the next level. See our video below on how you can effectively communicate with your testers using Stomio.


New Features

1- Public Tickets

Sometimes you want to share a ticket with your tester community so you can bring awareness to a known issue or have testers help each other out. Now you can convert a private ticket to a public one with a single click and control if you want to allow comments in that ticket or not.

ezgif.com-video-to-gif (1).gif

2- Upvote and Follow a Public Ticket

With the introduction of Public Tickets, testers can upvote a public ticket and/or follow it. Those stats are captured and visualized in the Comms page on the Manager dashboard.

Upvote and Follow a Public Ticket.gif

3- Stomio Ticket Number

You want to reference a specific ticket in Stomio without the need to remember its content? Now each ticket in your beta has a unique number with a prefix identified at your beta creation.


4- Stomio Templates

We want to reduce the amount of time to create a beta. We also want to provide a reference for good tasks give your testers. Enter Stomio Templates, the easiest way to get started with Stomio!