Change the appearance of your design by using the property editor

Shapes that you draw in Giraffe can be styled by a number of properties. If you want to change how a shape appears on the map, read on to find out how. You can also change the default styles for each usage - which is covered in Usages

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Feature Properties

Giraffe Data Model


Each shape in Giraffe is a GeoJSON feature with a geometry and various properties. Giraffe allows any property to be added to these shapes by users or apps. Certain properties are used by Giraffe to render the shape on the map, and to perform the calculations required for the Data Tab, so it is important that users are aware of these.

<aside> 💡 Other properties may be required by various apps in order for them to run properly, but this page only describes the properties relevant to Giraffe.



If a section has a property with a key that exists in the section's usage, the section will inherit properties from the usage object it references. If the property is set directly in the section as well, the section property has priority.


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