Inception of FLOC* Horizontal, group of freelancers, no incorporated company, trust, knowing each other in real world, previous track record and collaboration in projects. DEFINE FLOC* as it is, then and now.

Briefly explain what $BIRRA is (social token at FLOC*) currently managed off-chain thanks to the grateful support from MintGate.


From the start, FLOC* has behaved as a DAO without a proper infrastructure supporting such as the founding members and first wave of core members were known in person to the initial core circle. The various challenges of a collective based on the free will collaboration between professional peers had to be solved with sub-optimal and semi-manual solutions if not simply patches.

Willing FLOC* to pursue and grow, the current setting is not allowing such to happen so there is a need to provide a solution to current and future challenges. Our involvement in several DAOs whether as core members or assessing projects while performing brand strategies has allowed us to shortlist some challenges which currently cause most of the pain: