"Fear setting provides clarity so that you can conquer your fears and take action. The worst-case scenario may not be as bad as you might assume, while not taking any risk could mean you fail to fulfill your potential. Attempting something new might trigger your fears, but even if you’re only partially successful in your endeavors, you may still reap significant benefits in the future.”

Source: Ness Labs

Topic: quitting a full-time job to find new sources of income.

Date: 09.09.22

1. Reflect and write in each column

  1. Write down each column

  2. Give an impact score. In each of the worst-case scenarios in the “Define” column.

    1 to 10: 1 minimal impact and 10 is significantly life-altering

Define Impact (1-10) Prevent Repair
write down your doubts, worst-case scenarios, and problems that might arise. 1 minimal impact and 10 significantly life-altering explore how you can prevent those worst-case scenarios from occurring. how you could repair the damage and get back on track if your fear were to come true.
not earning enough money to keep living as we do today 7 - experiment with as many ideas profitable ideas as we can

2. Consider the benefits of taking action

  1. Make a list of the potential benefits of complete success, partial success, or even just attempting to take action.
  2. Rate each benefit of the exercise above
Complete success Partial success Attempt at success
work on what energizes me - 9 peace of mind that I'm trying - 8 development of new skills
flexible schedule - 9 flexible schedule learn with the experiment
development of new skills - 10 improve the change of serendipities - 6 flexible schedule
unblocking a different way of living - 10 development of new skills - 10 peace of mind that I'm trying
more confidence financially - 10 learn with the experiment - 9

3. List the consequences of inaction

Document the potential emotional, financial, and physical costs of not taking action.

Six months One year Three years
Feeling stuck, drained, or regretting not trying Same from 6 months Same from one year
Trying to find a full-time job that aligns with what I value Maybe in a full-time job
Negative impact on finances