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I buy most of my animal foods from these few vendors online.

Sourcing is an important piece of diet that no one talks about.

Because there is so much variation to food products, finding high-quality products you enjoy is integral to sticking to your eating plan.

When you find suppliers you like, stick with them. This will ensure the quality stays high and your diet on point.

🐟 SizzleFish Sustainably Sourced, Premium Quality, Wild Caught

🥩 Alderspring Ranch - Probably the healthiest grass-fed beef on the planet. We had the founder on the Ancestral Mind podcast. You can listen here.

🐂🐂 Crowd Cow: My other trusted online beef supplier. If I'm in the mood for real Wagyu or quality grass-fed American beef, this is where I go.

Force of Nature - Regenerative meat. Solid options here. I like the bison and beef ancestral blends (obviously) that have liver and heart blended in. The perfect way to get more organ meats into your diet.

Wild Foods - As the founder/CEO, I’m biased here, but the fact of the matter is our family uses these products daily. That is the highest seal of approval I can give for quality—what I give my kids.

Dedicated to sourcing, Wild Foods was founded from my intense desire to know where my ingredients came from and how they were treated. You can find ingredients to fit any diet. I’m currently stacking our collagen, salts, CocoTropic, and prebiotic/probiotic as part of my daily routine. And coffee, of course. Use code WILDCEO to get 12% off your entire order.

☕☕ What I put In my coffee: Wild Cocoa ButterWild MCT OilWild CoffeeWild CocoTropic‍