These are my 12 favorite problems, as inspired by Richard Feynman's exercise.

  1. How can I be more self-compassionate?
  2. How can I find better balance in my life?
  3. How can I focus on staying present and not dwelling on things that could go wrong?
  4. How can I build new and meaningful relationships without sacrificing old ones?
  5. How can I focus on my career and family while not ignoring my physical and mental health?
  6. How can I carve more time for hobbies that excite me?
  7. How can I unlock my creativity?
  8. How can I build a large, vibrant community around logical, grid-based thinking?
  9. How can I spend more time deep-reading and creating without sacrificing one for the other?
  10. How can I improve my marketing skills and apply it successfully to all areas of my life?
  11. How can I create focus without missing important, new opportunities?
  12. How can I help others to be the best version of themselves and maximize their potentials?

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