Want to know what fonts I use? or where I got my colors? or what app I was using in my latest video? — don't worry, I got you — they're all listed below.

Here are the services, apps, and products that I still use that helped me build a massive following online and helped me launch apps, websites, create content, and more.

p.s. Some of these are my affiliate links, which basically means that when you click on them, I'll get a small commission for recommending this product to you. Do note that I will only ever recommend something that I stand 100% by.

If you have any questions on any of these, my DMs are always open.

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Here are the courses that I've personally taken and that come highly recommended from me.

Gram Crash Course — Instagram growth crash course by Steven Mellor

Freelance with Janda — This is Michael Janda's complete freelance business course

Evan Vanader Business School — How to setup your business, taxes, and fillings for optimal Return On Investment


I've used a few different fonts over the last few years, but here are the staples to what I use almost daily.

Bebas Neue Roboto Poppins Trash Hand Permanent Marker


Here are the tools that I use to get all of my design assets, create designs, and publish content for social media.


Elements by Envato

Adobe XD