Who is thefatbitcoin?

I first got into Bitcoin in early 2017 and got a taste of my first pump. I went down the rabbit hole and became borderline obsessed with Bitcoin. To say borderline is being nice.

In 2018 - still excited by Bitcoin and podcasts like Tales from the Crypt and the Pomp Podcast, I was looking for more Bitcoin content to obsess over. I loved the memes, but I realized a lot of the pages were just reposting the same things. I knew we needed more original content.

So I set out to post more original content and original Bitcoin memes. I have posted a new meme almost every day since then. Between my social pages I have posted over 1,000. Thanks for checking out my Arsenal page Bitcoin fam. Hope my memes make you laugh a little bit, stack a little more, and hodl a little harder.

You can find SelfBankt on Twitter & Instagram.

Meme Nuggets from thefatbitcoin CONFIRMATION:

You should follow the best bitcoiners in all the social media, and also, feel confident to create tour own memes. We’re all learning, so probable what is funny to you could be to another one in the path too.

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